Iordanis Kapanides

Favorite thing about Stratos (ex. specific value, company perk, internal initiative)

The fact that Stratos is a small and fast-growing company is something that really appealed to me in my post-grad job search. Exposure to all aspects of the business is something you do not get at a large firm. Here at Stratos I can see how my work directly provides value to our clients which is something I truly appreciate.

2 fun facts about you on a personal level – what may we find you doing when you’re not at work? (ex. hobbies? unusual talent/skill? favorite restaurant or travel destination?)

Outside of work you can often find me reading while enjoying a piping hot coffee or tea. A fun fact about myself is that I am self-proclaimed mediocre jack of all trades. I like to dip my toes into a wide variety of activities/hobbies ranging anywhere from card tricks to various instruments.

What inspired you to work in the consulting industry? What about working with Life Sciences clients do you find passion/fulfillment in?

I chose to enter the consulting field out of college because I wanted to work in an environment where I am constantly challenged by new types of business problems. I was also looking for an industry in which my skills were able to develop more rapidly than others and I found life sciences to fit that mold nicely.

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