Nicholas Mann

Favorite thing about Stratos (ex. specific value, company perk, internal initiative)

My favorite thing about Stratos is our Culture. When our team feels empowered and passionate about their work, then we are successful as an organization. This all starts with our Stratos Culture –  always putting an emphasis on equality, collaboration, and growth. Our “Culture Fridays” allow us to share knowledge and collaborate through Show & Tell Presentations, Workshops, Skills Development, Book Club, and Community Service initiatives.

2 fun facts about you on a personal level – what may we find you doing when you’re not at work? (ex. hobbies? unusual talent/skill? favorite restaurant or travel destination?)

Although my family is in California, we make an effort every year to get together for a week and travel somewhere new. Some of the places we’ve traveled to are Tokyo, St. Petersburg, New Orleans, Lake Powell, Barcelona, and Copenhagen.

I regularly listen to a variety of audiobooks ranging from autobiographies to leadership.

What inspired you to work in the consulting industry? What about working with Life Sciences clients do you find passion/fulfillment in?

I always viewed consulting as providing the opportunity for constant learning and new experiences. I find it very valuable to regularly work with new project teams, clients, and technologies.

I had the opportunity to work as an Enterprise Applications Architect within the Life Sciences industry, as well as support a number of clients during my early consulting years. Out of all the industries I had experiences in, I always found myself wanting to continue working with clients in the Life Sciences space. The people have a passion for the work that they do and the patients that they are striving to help. As a result, I want to do everything in my power to make their jobs easier through technology and process improvement, that way they can focus on the areas that they are interested in and spend less time worrying about manual, frustrating tasks.

I’ve also had the opportunity to hear patients’ stories and it really inspired me to continue working in the Life Sciences because of all the good things that have come from the industry to help make peoples’ lives better.

As an organization, we made the strategic decision to work exclusively with Life Science clients because we believe so strongly in their missions – always putting a focus on making patients’ lives better.

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