Rob Breen

Favorite thing about Stratos (ex. specific value, company perk, internal initiative)

Client Success – Stratos’ value of Client Success while not common in wording to many other consulting firms differs itself in the application. Building genuine relationships and not just focusing on delivering the proposed solution is what makes Stratos different in my opinion.

Fun facts about you on a personal level – what may we find you doing when you’re not at work? (ex. hobbies? unusual talent/skill? favorite restaurant or travel destination?)

Watching Soccer / Football or Baseball at Fenway. Ogunquit, Maine or London, UK.

What inspired you to work in the consulting industry? What about working with Life Sciences clients do you find passion/fulfillment in?

I was inspired to work in the consulting industry due to the rapid change of technologies and practices. Also the ability to implement new solutions to accomplish a specific goal. The ability to help bridge the Financial technology gap for these clients so that they are better ability to focus on the development and refinement of themselves

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