Veronica Shlyaptseva

Favorite thing about Stratos (ex. specific value, company perk, internal initiative)

I love the positive working environment within our company. The great thing about working for a smaller firm is that we’re silo-proof — so many companies are able to break apart into silos, each team working working in their own little bubble and communicating through brief emails. Here, I work with almost every person in my company, and we all get to share ideas and solutions. I’m constantly surrounded by people with a vast amount of knowledge. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals revolving around innovating solutions and anticipating client needs that I have not found at other companies. No egos, just creative organization where everyone truly gets along.

Two fun facts about you on a personal level – what may we find you doing when you’re not at work? (ex. hobbies? unusual talent/skill? favorite restaurant or travel destination?)

I’m a rather decent painter. For the last few years, I would usually do portraits, but recently I started to get more into abstracts, which is much more fun and challenging since there are fewer concrete aesthetic rules.

I’m also looking forward to traveling again. Before the pandemic, I’d go backpacking through Europe without a set travel plan, and I can’t wait to get back out there!

 What inspired you to work in the consulting industry? What about working with Life Sciences clients do you find passion/fulfillment in?

The variability of my job is what got me into this industry. Here, I am able to contribute my experience and skills in strategy, management, design, and development to a wide variety of clients. Each project presents unique challenges and opportunities for growth, and this results in an exciting and fast paced work environment. The feedback cycle is extremely quick too. Having previously worked in academic research, being part of the consulting industry where you are able to pivot your strategy based on live feedback is both refreshing and just wonderfully efficient. Consulting is such a fantastic opportunity for generalists, a chance to recombine existing skills in unique ways. Life sciences specifically is a pleasure to iterate within, being such a dynamic industry. The sheer number of life sciences companies here in Boston adds a level of competition that bring opportunities for innovation. It’s this synthesis of having the challenge to tailor-make a creative solution, combined with a cause that makes a difference in the lives of others, this is the sort of work gives me the motivation to keep doing.

What are your hopes for our industry?

This year has taught us that you can’t futureproof for everything, but it also brought a few positive changes I’m hoping will stick around. Remote work has forced the industry to quickly digitize and this has made meetings more seamless and the flow of information more agile. Automation has been moving form a clever hack to competitive necessity. A rapid adoption of for new tech and an increased push for optimization are both incredibly exciting.

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